The Buggysnuggle Company
 ... we make snuggly stuff

The Buggysnuggle story

The Buggysnuggle Company became a reality officially in 1998, a typical story of two very good mates with an idea, but not much of a plan! 17 years later, remarkably, we are still very much in business, and have seen our original product the Buggysnuggle, become a ‘must have’ accessory for every new baby! At Buggysnuggle we wanted to produce ‘snuggly stuff’ - original products made from soft, cuddly fabrics that will be loved by you and your baby - and that is still our philosophy today!

How it all started:

Several lifetimes ago, in December 1996, I was exhibiting my kids clothing company, Fish Kidswear, at a consumer show in London. I got chatting with the importers of the first 3-wheel pushchair to hit the UK about its lack of a cosy liner. At that time the only “cosy toes” type products on the market were plain and made of stiff, scratchy fabrics. They loved the fabrics I used for my Fish Kidswear clothes and suggested they’d make a great buggy liner, and so the seed was sewn…!

It took another 12 months before I finally got around to designing a prototype using the soft and colourful designer fabrics I used for Fish. I then made a couple of samples for friends. One of those friends was Jo, who I’d known since we were 10 years old. After a few months of using our new ‘Buggysnuggles’ with our new 3-wheel buggies and gorgeous babies, Jo suggested that we should produce and sell them, as there was nothing similar on the market. So after a couple of brain storming sessions (involving several bottles of wine!), we came up with the name Buggysnuggle and the first advert was placed in Junior magazine in October 1998.

To our surprise & delight we were inundated with orders and enquiries. After a couple of weeks of literally manufacturing from the dining room table into the wee small hours, we placed our production with a tiny factory in Salisbury. Within 3 months we secured an order from John Lewis who had seen our advert..... After that there was no looking back and The Buggysnuggle Company was born!

In 2003 I relocated to Cornwall and for the next 10 years Jo & I ran the business from 2 offices 300 miles apart – Jo overseeing the sales & accounts side of the business whilst I concentrated on design & production.

Over 17 years our original, award winning Buggysnuggle has undergone many upgrades and improvements. In 2010, we were delighted to introduce the new, improved Buggysnuggle – an innovative revamp of our original design. Over the years we have also added more products to the range, always sticking to the same philosophy of ‘snuggly stuff’!

Sarah Wickins - inventor of the BuggysnuggleIn 2013 Jo left the business to concentrate on her family & I moved the entire business to Cornwall. Who knows what the future holds? But I’m looking forward to the next 10 years of “snuggly development”!

Sarah x